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Testimonials from some our our Policyholders

“I also want to say how much I enjoy dealing with DMW Insurance. ”

Kathie B

Toronto, Ont.

“We agreed that our experience with you has been the most positive one to date.”

Jamie P.

Toronto, Ont.

“I appreciate the care and consideration you give your clients and for the ease in renewing the policy each year on my behalf. It is a pleasure dealing with DMW. Just knowing that you strive to make sure I obtain the lowest possible rates with sufficient coverage for my vehicle takes a large load off me with my schedule.”

Barbara B.

Toronto, Ont.

“Over the past 10 years I have successfully dealt with David Waserman and the DMW organization for car, home and cottage insurance. All the services have been provided promptly and efficiently with reasonable pricing. All my dealings have been pleasurable and positive experiences. I have recommended David and DMW to others and will not hesitate to continue to do so when asked for a recommendation.”

Steven B.

Toronto, Ont.

“I have been with DMW Insurance for more then a year. When I have contacted DMW they were prompt to respond, provided me with a very competitive quote for the personal auto insurance and house insurance. This quote did not go up when we met personally, which was quite different from other brokers. I have saved lots of time and money with DMW.”

Dmitry B.

Toronto, Ont.

“My wife and I have had our automobiles insured through DMW for about 10 years now, and we have had great experiences in dealing with you and your staff. The 2 times that we have had to deal with DMW when 2 separate vehicles of ours were involved in accidents (not our fault), we were dealt with promptly, were informed over the phone what to do next, and were taken care of through the entire process. My wife and I would positively advise others to obtain a quote from DMW for home or car insurance.”

Craig & Suzanne M.

Caledonia, Ontario

“Over the past 13 years Carbon Computing (www.carbonation.com) has become one of Canada’s largest independent retailers of Apple Computers and iPods. Part of our success can be attributed to our suppliers. Working with professionals we chose to insure our business with DMW insurance. DMW has always given us good advice, found us good insurance rates and been wonderful on servicing us a client in a promptly, courteously and with in depth knowledge of their industry. We use DMW for all of our insurance needs; auto fleet, building, bulk shipping, inventory as well as personally for house, auto and contents insurance. We are happy to recommend that you use DMW for future insurance needs”

Ron Paley

President, Carbon Computing, Toronto, Ont.

“I first encountered DMW Insurance as the insurance broker for the company I manage. As we are a constantly growing sales and service business DMW has, in essence, managed our office and auto insurance on an ongoing basis. In fact, they have been so helpful and supportive that I have my personal auto insurance handled by DMW and am currently about to transfer my home insurance as well! As an agent, they have been thoughtful, efficient and involved, not simply quoting, but also advising on our insurance needs and requirements.”

Sara M.

Toronto, Ont.

“David has been our insurance broker for years. Working with him on our home and car insurance, David has taken the time to understand what our specific insurance needs are and had presented well qualified solutions to meet our needs. Once the policies have been in place, David’s follow up has assured us that he understands the importance of servicing his clients and over the years we feel that we have made the right choice choosing DMW. Thanks David for all your help,”

Kevin Maguire

Vice President, McGovern Management Group Inc., Oakville, Ont.

“I highly recommend DMW Insurance. David has taken care of both my personal and business insurance for the past seven years. He has always provided excellent advice and protection for myself and my family.”

Trevor Whiteside

Whiteside Tree & Garden Service, Toronto, Ont.

“David Waserman has been handling our insurance coverage for eight years now. He and his team are consistent in their professionalism, and have always given us excellent counsel regarding our home, auto, and life insurance needs. I would recommend DMW to anyone.

Rob F.

Kitchener, Ont.

“I have been a customer of DMW INSURANCE for the last 3 years. The way I came in contact with them is worth mentioning as I was looking for a new/renewal policy in the year that was extremely difficult for that business and nobody wanted to accept me as a new client-most of the brokers would not even return my calls. When you open Yellow Pages and start phoning people, you do not have a clue as to whom you are going to reach and/ or if you would like to deal with that person to start with. However, to my big surprise and relief,(the time was running out) I got a call back from a broker who was willing to spend time to find out what my insurance needs are. After carefully assessing my needs and all the factors (I was a relatively new driver at that time), he was able to find the coverage for me and the one I was able to afford! After that, David from DMW INSURANCE was always on top as far as my policy renewal was concerned, always trying to find the best coverage and the deal .He also made sure that I stayed informed about all the latest important news by sending me e-mails what is going on in the insurance industry and what is there to look out for. He has always been very efficient, promptly returning calls, or setting up appointments and very professional-keeping a customer first in mind. Currently, I carry a car and house insurance provided to me by DMW Insurance. I definitely recommend DMW INSURANCE for whatever insurance needs you might have.”

Iwona S.

A very happy customer – Toronto, Ont.

“I strongly recommend David and his team at DMW Insurance. They are always willing to help; they handle my queries professionally, promptly, and with pleasure. I have been using DMW for my insurance needs for 15 years, and continue to be delighted by their great attitude and excellent service”.

Haresh D.

Toronto, Ont.

“Our experience with David Waserman has been excellent. David and his associates have made a great effort to source an auto insurance policy (2 drivers on 2 vehicles) that meets all of our requirements. Our previous broker was unable to offer a suitable policy that met our new requirements – despite the fact that we had been clients for 14 years. David has continued to offer us advice and guidance whenever we have asked. We truly feel that David Waserman’s priority is providing outstanding service to his clients.”

Toni and Ron Kunz

Proprietors, RotoWorks Graphic Design, Toronto, Ont

“The range of insurance options out there can be confusing for the average consumer. DMW takes the time to not only search for the just the right coverage, but explain why it is the best choice. Over the years, we have used DMW for our life, property and car insurance needs, and always have found their advice and service to be highly professional. Insurance is about peace of mind, and with DMW, we have the peace of mind that we have the right people looking out for us.”

Stuart & Lisa F.

Thornhill, Ont.

“Every insurance policy I have is brokered through DMW. I have little allegiance to the big insurance companies as I truly doubt they put my interests first. David and his team, however, have earned my trust over the last fourteen years because they demonstrate time and again that my interests and those of my family are more important than business. That peace of mind is of inestimable value to me.”

Mike R.

Toronto, Ont.

“I have been with DMW Insurance for nearly 10 years and they have been my one stop insurance broker for all my vehicles, boat and house. They have always worked hard to reduce my insurance costs and give me very prompt service. Even when I have checked with other insurance companies and brokers, they are always very competitive. There are a lot of online sources for insurance, but I am much more comfortable working directly with David Waserman of DMW Insurance to gain not only their competitive rates but his sound advice as well. I have had one accident since I started with DMW Insurance and was very impressed with how quickly and efficiently everything was handled. I have not hesitated to recommend DMW Insurance to anyone.”

Scott Z.

Burlington, Ont.

” Hi David, I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation to keep my son on my automobile insurance policy when he lived away from home. Since he had been insured on my policy for many years it entitled him to a 40% discount when he took out his own insurance in British Columbia.”

Martin Z.

Toronto, Ont.

“….Thank you so much for your professionalism in this matter. Looking forward to do some more business with you in the future.”

Giancarlo G.

Bradford, Ont.

“I was very lucky to find DMW Insurance. I was having difficulty finding an insurance company that could insure me at reasonable rates. DMW has consistently provided me with excellent customer service, answered all my many questions no matter how often I needed to ask and gave me accurate information. The DMW representative has been patient and reliable throughout my dealings. I would recommend DMW to anyone needing to find a great insurance company that won’t let you down. I am thankful to DMW for the quality service I have obtained and the comfort I now feel having an insurance company I trust.”

Diane H.

Toronto, Ont

“Awesome. Thank you very much Alex. Again, I really appreciate your help in making this a very smooth process.
P.S. I am never getting an insurance without a broker again.”

Fady S.

Toronto, Ont

“… I am very happy with your insurance service …”

Pravinsinh R.

Toronto, Ont

” Now that’s service ! ”

Avi Sugar

Partner, Fogler Rubinoff LLP, Toronto, Ont

“… Alex is the most professional Agent I have ever worked with! Calls returned promptly, never assumes anything, always checks and double checks if he can do better both coverage wise and cost wise. Such a pleasure to work with.
I would proudly and confidently recommend Alex and the DMW team to any friend ”

David I.

Toronto, Ont

” I have been a client of David’s (DMW Insurance) since 1991 or 1992. And I can only say that David and his team have been there for me and my family since day one (my mother has insurance with DMW also) he treats me like a friend and not like a number.
I have changed cars dozens of times, Changed houses a few times and have had disability and life insurance with David.
Each time I needed David for a policy change, question or claims he was there for me. Always directed me on the right direction. When it comes to his prices and costs of insurance i have never shopped or checked around for better prices because I believe you can not put a price on service and guidance.

He suggested many years ago that I get disability insurance with him and guided me to pay a small premium so that if a claim is never made I get a portion of it back. Thanks Dave looks like your guidance may send me and my wife to Mexico this year. This will be the second time I get a premium refund.

Being in the car business I have and will always send customers and friends to speak to him about a quote or advice. He has helped out many people that I have sent him over the years and have heard only positive things about him and the company.

I look forward to another 25 years with his brokerage and suggest to anyone give DMW a try. ”

Richard M.

Toronto, Ont

“I have been dealing with the team for the last three years ever since my previous company cancelled my car insurance and it has been such a great relationship. They are very to quick to reply to answer any questions. Using their procedure to sign online for insurance contract is a breeze. They have consistently found better rates than you could find anywhere else online. They take the hassle, effort and time out of getting a great insurance contract. Kudos to David and his team. ”

Nathan L.

Toronto, Ont

“DMW insurance is the broker you want on your team! David is patient and very professional, he worked hard to meet my needs in terms of insurance coverage in accordance with my budget!

Bebe A.

Toronto, Ont

“I have been with DMW for over 25 years. I have had exemplary care in both my business and personal insurance needs. Claims have been carefully followed until resolution.
David is always available to answer questions and discuss coverage levels. Last night (Sunday) I sent along an email expecting a reply within 48 hours. The reply came within an hour of sending my email!! I couldn’t ask for better than that!”

Christine B.

Toronto, Ont

” DMW Insurance provides great service and rates, with a very knowledgeable team to support all insurance needs. Highly recommended! “

Bryan B.

Toronto, Ont

” We have been with DMW Insurance for 20 years, we have always had prompt and efficient service. David and his staff are always available to answer our questions. “

Brenda V.

Toronto, Ont

” Thank you SO much for your promptness with everything. We cannot thank you enough for being so helpful and meeting our tight and hectic timeline. Your efficient support has been greatly appreciated. “

Erica F.

Toronto, Ont

” I have been a satisfied customer of DMW Insurance for over 20 years. In a culture of questionable insurance services, I have found David to be reliable, efficient and willing to go the extra mile. David and his team listen to the needs of their customers and provide stellar professional service. If you are looking for a dependable, knowledgably and honest Insurance Broker I would highly recommend DMW Insurance “

Patrick R.

Toronto, Ont

” Excellent service! DMW really took the time to explain my insurance needs and look out for my best interest. David is extremely patient and helpful. Thank you again! “

Adam L.

Toronto, Ont

” I have been a customer of DMW Insurance for a number of years. David has always provided top notch service. Whenever I have had any type of inquiry regarding our insurance policy he has responded very quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend DMW Insurance.  “

Geoff M.

Toronto, Ont

” DMW has helped me with my insurance for 20 years and I have always been satisfied with David’s help to get me the best price for my insurance. I trust DMW to find me the best Insurance company for my home, auto and motorcycle insurance every year. Thank you David for all your help and for being so responsive all the time.  “

Isabelle M.

Toronto, Ont

” I just moved my acct to DMW. David was very helpful in securing good rates and explaining coverage in a prompt, professional manner. Being fm the same industry, I know thats a deal breaker; I would and hv recommended DMW / David to anyone seeking good insurance service and wish DMW the best. Rgrs.  “

Rony C.

Toronto, Ont

” I have been with DMW for many year for mutiple insurances and always received an outstanding customer service and care.  “

Neil V.

Toronto, Ont


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