Winter tires will help make driving safer once the cold weather and snow arrive. The people at Tilbury Auto Mall have come up with an interesting info-graphic to help explain this to drivers and vehicle owners. Please click here and a new window will open with the graphical explanation. I think you will find the information regarding safe driving during winter extremely useful.

Why should you get winter tires ? It’s because these tires are specifically designed to increase road grip and traction in snow, icy, slush, and all the unpleasant winter driving conditions we face in  our Toronto winters and throughout Ontario. Even a small snowfall can making driving more treacherous, and winter tires will help.

Winter tires are made from special materials and compounds that grip the road better in cold weather even when there is no snow on the roads. There tread patterns are designed to push away snow, slush, and ice, while still gripping the roads.

Don’t forget to check your tire pressure regularly, and ensure your tires are inflated to the manufacturers specifications. As temperatures fall or drop in the winter, the laws of physics state that your tire pressure will drop as well. So take a few moments every couple of days and check your tire pressure.

It’s never a good idea to drive on tires that are worn out or need replacement. When this happens driving your car becomes less safe as your vehicle has less grip on the road increasing the change of an accident. This is especially so with winter tires. Have your winter tires checked by a professional before you install them every year.

Choosing the right winter tire for you can be confusing, especially since tire manufacturers release new models almost every year. We recommend you speak with a winter tire expert for help.

Intall winter tires on all 4 wheels, not just two. And make sure you install the same 4 types of tires on all 4 wheels.

There’s an interesting article from Transport Canada that has some tips on winter driving and winter tires. Click here to open a new window that will bring you to their article.

Don’t forget to tell your insurance broker or agent once you’ve purchased and installed your winter tires. Most Ontario car insurance companies will give you a discount for installing winter tires. The discount varies between  2% to 5% of your annual car insurance premium. In order to keep the winter tire discount, some Ontario insurance companies require that your winter tires be replaced every few year. Your car insurance broker can advise you about this. Some insurance companies require that you change your winter tires every 5 – 7 years to maintain the discount – don’t forget to ask your insurance broker about this.

Get an instant quote from our website that will show how much money you can save for installing winter tires. Click Here to open up a new window containing our instant car insurance quoting system.  Please select the DETAILED QUOTE option if you’d like to include the winter tire discount.