FSCO ( Financial Services Commission of Ontario) has some tips about what you should do when approached by a tow truck driver at the scene of an accident.

1. Make sure the tow truck has a licencing # displayed on it.

2. Look to see if the tow truck is affiliated with a known company like CAA

3. Ask the driver if he has a contract with the police – ask to see the contract.

4. Has the driver recommended a repair facility without being asked ? This may indicate that he’s paid a referral fee or commission to bring your car there.

5. Carefully read everything you are asked to sign

6. Confirm that your insurance company will have easy quick & easy access to your vehicle. Some towing companies charge expensive ‘storage fees’ for each day your vehicle remains on their lot.

7. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

8. If there is a collision reporting centre in your area, it may be in your best interest to have the vehicle towed there.

9. Most insurance companies have a list of preferred vehicle repair shops. If so, try to have your vehicle towed to one of those locations. Contact your insurance company for a list of their preferred repair shops.