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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Ensure your car is covered with an insurance policy tailored to your unique needs. Best car insurance rates for those 35 or older and with previous coverage in Ontario.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Get peace of mind for your home and most treasured belongings. Whether you own or rent, our brokers will help you save on home insurance. For all Toronto homeowners.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Protect your family's financial future with an affordable life insurance plan. Learn which life insurance product is best for you and your loved ones today.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Rest easy with complete commercial insurance that suits the needs of your business. Some of the best rates for Toronto business properties & Commercial Vehicles.

Welcome to DMW Insurance in Toronto

Our FamilySince 1993 we have been helping your neighbors in the Toronto, Ontario area find great rates on insurance and we can help you too. Our goal is to match you with the insurance company, quote and rate that will work for you while giving you excellent customer service.

Toronto is a great place to work, live, and enjoy life. Over half of the people living in the city came from a different country and choose to call Toronto their home. And why not ? With so much to offer it is no wonder it is home to well over 2 million people with over 140 various languages and dialects spoken. With many excellent hospitals such as Sunnybrook, Sick Kids, and Mount Sinai it attracts some of the best doctors and medical staff. It is the financial district of Canada. It houses many corporate headquarters as well as some of the country’s top marketing, accounting and legal firms. However, with all the financial and corporate presence and outstanding hospitals, universities and colleges, it also has an artistic side. Toronto has a great theatre district with people travelling from all over to watch a production in one of Ed Mirvish’s theatres.

Toronto is a unique city with so many different areas each having its own special nuances but bound together by many commonalities. Whether you own a 1999 Honda or a 2015 Mercedes, insurance in the Toronto area is more expensive than other Ontario cities. Your insurance rate depends on the full 6 digits of your postal code, and many other factors. No matter what kind of car you drive, each vehicle owner has options that can save you money on your auto insurance. The owner of the 1999 Honda may decide to take liability only coverage (i.e. no collision, no comprehensive coverage) whereas the car insurance cost of the 2015 Mercedes can be lowered by taking higher deductibles. At DMW Insurance, we can help both of these drivers and everyone in between. Whether you live on the Bridle Path in Toronto, own a cottage in the Muskoka’s, rent an apartment in the centre of the city or own a condo in North York, you all share the need for insurance.

We understand how busy and hectic your life can be. With shuffling 2 or 3 children to hockey arenas and dance halls, after budget meetings all day at work, it is comforting to know that someone else is looking after your insurance. Here at DMW, we have many years of experience helping busy people and professionals, such as yourself find the right insurance. So whether you live in the quiet tree lined neighborhoods, in one of the condominium buildings in downtown Toronto, or rent your home, you will find the right coverage and insurance company here. Give us a call and see how we can help you.

We work with several well-known insurance companies as their agents and brokers to offer you affordable insurance plans whether you are looking for property insurance, car & auto insurance, life insurance, or more complicated commercial insurance.

DMW insurance is proud to provide insurance quotes at some of the best rates available to the market, proudly serving the communities of Etobicoke, North York, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and, of course, Toronto.

Personal Insurance

Insurance is something that all of us need. Wouldn’t you like some help in finding the plan that is right for your lifestyle? At DMW we are dedicated to making the process easier and straight forward. Having suitable coverage can give you peace of mind. We would like to help and make sure you have the right insurance for you and your family. Together we can find the solutions that will protect you and your assets and allow you to enjoy the life you have built. When we think of insurance, car and home insurance come to mind. However, life and disability insurance are important as well. You may ask yourself “Can I afford life insurance ? Or do I really need it ? ” We can help you explore these options and make the choices which suite your short term or your life long needs. Let us help you find what’s right for you. Below are just a sample of the different types of insurance provided by DMW Insurance. Give us a call to discuss your individual needs. Personal insurance plans include;

  • Homeowners: A home is one of the biggest investments you make. You work hard to be able to find the house and neighbourhood that reflects your style and desires. Now you need the right insurance to protect that dream from thieves and mother nature. There a lot of different products in the marketplace and we can help you find the product tailored to your needs.
  • Car Insurance: You would be amazed at what can save you money. Winter tires, a personalized insurance plan and higher deductibles are great money savers.
  • Condominium owners: A unique policy that is geared towards the specific needs of condominium owners.
  • Rented Dwellings: You have worked to find the ideal tenants to rent your home. Your tenants respect your house and pay on time. This is income you can rely on but what if the unexpected happens? Rental income insurance may be right for you.
  • Life: Has your life changed? Perhaps you’re a newlywed or are welcoming a new baby or grandbaby. Congratulations! This may be the right time to discuss life insurance or revisit your existing policy.
  • Tenants: Being a tenant is a great affordable way to build your insurance record. It also helps you get a better price on your car insurance!
  • Cottages & boats: The ideal summer getaway. Perfect to forget the stresses of work and traffic and relax and refresh. The proper insurance will protect your beautiful summer and cozy winter hideaway.
  • Disability: It is the peace of mind knowing that if for the unthinkable happens your bills are paid and your family looked after.
  • Annuities and RRIF’s: The day we all look forward to, retirement! A little bit of planning now will ensure that you are financially ready when that day arrives.
  • Snowmobiles and ATVs
  • RVs

Business and Commercial Insurance

Congratulations ! You are a business owner. You have the right location, the right marketing plan but do you have the right insurance  ? As a business owner it is important to have the correct insurance coverage to protect everything you have built. Whether it be lawsuits from customers, slip and fall accidents, a wind or ice storm or dishonest employees, all can cause hardships for you and your business. Your best protection from these events is proper insurance coverage. At DMW Insurance we are here to help you find what works for you. We will be happy to discuss your individual insurance needs.  Business insurance plans include:

  • Building owners
  • Contractors
  • Offices
  • Commercial auto Insurance
  • Retail stores
  • Fleets
  • Commercial property & Liability
  • Repair garages
  • Manufacturers

We represent YOU!

At DMW Insurance, our brokers and agents represent you, and our purpose is to meet your insurance needs. We will try to setup a policy that you will be happy with. We want you to be satisfied with the choice you make when it comes to your insurance and we are happy to show you price comparisons and quotes so that you can see the savings for yourself. If you are 35 years or older, own a business, own a home, have a family, or value advice, we have some of the best rates available in the insurance industry. Furthermore, if you ever have a question as to whether you should file a claim or not, a DMW Insurance broker will help you understand the claims process and will advise you. Stop paying more for insurance than you have to! Contact us today for a quote and let our agents and brokers find you the appropriate insurance for your needs at a price you can afford!

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