Can I Get A Good Rate With Online Car Insurance Quotes?

There’s no doubt about it: the Internet has become an authoritative source of information in our daily lives. When it comes time to make an important purchase, its now far easier to make an informed decision thanks to the web. If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if the same holds true when it comes to getting car insurance. We are constantly being told by TV and radio commercials that getting the best rate on your automobile insurance is as simple as clicking a mouse. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of getting online car insurance quotes.

Not All Online Quotes Are Created Equal
When you’re looking at quotes online, it’s important to remember the difference between an insurance company and an insurance broker and to know which one you’re looking at. The quote you received from the insurance company will be the best price available from only that company, whereas an online quote from an insurance broker, like DMW Insurance, will compare the prices from several insurance companies within their portfolio. That means, the quote you get will be the best price from many options instead of just one.

Don’t Compare Apples and Oranges
In the same way that you wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a newer vehicle with low mileage as you would for an old beater with lots of mileage, different policies can offer different features. If you’re comparing online quotes from several different sources, it’s very important to look at insurance products that offer the same kind of coverage.
Specifically, make sure that you are comparing policies with the same deductible. Additionally, certain features like accident forgiveness and rental reimbursement can affect the rate being offered.

The Rate You Pay Has No Impact on the Service You Receive When You Make a Claim
Often, people ask us if getting a cheap car insurance rate means that they will have more difficulty should they need to make a claim in the future. The truth is that there is no relationship between the price you pay for your insurance coverage and the level of service you might receive. One company might be the most affordable for certain drivers and the most expensive for others. When a claim is made, the insurance adjuster does not take into consideration how much was paid for the policy.

The Bottom Line
Getting back to the question Can I get a good rate with online car insurance quotes?, the answer is definitely yes. Will it be the best rate? Maybe and maybe not. Many factors can affect the rate you pay for your car insurance, beyond your driving record and the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Some other factors include a discount for more than one vehicle insured or home and car insured by the same provider, having a driving school certificate, vehicles used for short commutes or low annual kilometers, having winter tires, retired drivers, and children with good grades.

To be sure, getting a quote online is convenient and fast. But, for the sake of speed and convenience, the form you completed may not capture some of the vital information that could result in a better rate.

So, what it comes down to is the kind of consumer you are. If you feel that time is money and getting your car insurance dealt with fast and on your own time is what’s most important to you, then online may be your best bet. On the other hand, if you favor greater attention to detail so that you can get the best possible rate, speaking with a broker in person or by phone may be preferable.