Here’s a few cases to think about;

1. Just suppose you loan your car to your brother, and it turns out his licence was suspended 2 months ago for an unpaid fine. He recently moved, and didn’t get the notice from the Ministry of Transportation that his licence was suspended. It’s explainable, isn’t it ? Your brother then borrows your car, and hits another vehicle from behind. When the police arrive at the scene, they check your brother’s licence, they find out he was driving with a suspended licence.

2. You called your insurance company 6 months ago and got a quote to add your 18 year old son to the policy. You thought the quote was too high, and in order not to be charged anything, you told the insurance company you won’t let your son drive the car. Your son borrows the car one day during the winter, and slides off the road and hits a traffic light.

Please let us know what you think. Should the insurance company fix the damage in these cases ?